About our work

Breslau Machine is engaged in the manufacture of machined parts for industrial machinery. We work with a variety of clients, industries and processes. Because we are a small shop, we are able to provide quick turnarounds at efficient costs to our customers.

The Parts

The parts we manufacture comprise any metal or plastic components required to build a variety of solutions. Some of these include: floor finishing or refurbishing equipment, packaging machinery, printing presses, diaper production lines, fire safety equipment, and filling lines for dairy products.

The parts may make a set e.g. to build a welding fixture, or a complete mechanical assembly toward a tape casting machine. They may also stand in for hard to get replacement items for machines no longer serviced by the original manufacturer. In addition, there are certain "standard" items, such as shafts, bushings, stand offs, bearing housings, etc, that we can provide at a low cost.

We Work With

  • Machine Builders
  • Casters
  • Fabricators
  • Bus & Truck Shops
  • Heat Treatment Facilities
  • Thermal Instrumentation
  • Restoration Experts

Core Services

  • Machining
  • Welding & Brazing
  • Prototyping
  • Engineering
  • Product Development
  • Tool Building
  • Maintenance Repairs

How We Work

The overriding factors driving our shop are critical to our process and core values.


Hold those promise dates! Our turn around time on rush jobs is essential.


We are not shy to question specs and make suggestions to improve a product, reduce cost, or both.


What the customer specifies, the customer gets. We do not vary unless specified.


We continuously endeavor to lower in-house expenses for the benefit of our customers and to maintain profitability.


If you are interested in starting a project or speaking further about our capabilities, please contact us by phone or email.


1609 Harmer Street
Unit S
Levittown, PA 19057



Job Quote

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